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We are Lafayette home for Hot Spring Spas!

If you want a hot tub that is the benchmark in the market and backed with over 40 years of excellence, then come see our full line of Hot Spring Spas, the largest hot tub manufacturer in the world. Hot Spring Spas have jet combinations designed to rejuvenate, refresh, relax and reconnect your body. We also carry Freeflow Spas from Watkins manufacturing. Our brands lead the industry and provide the most value. When sold and serviced by Royal Spa Elite, it’s a combination that cannot be beat.


Where we started

In August of 1998 while the Denver Broncos were gearing up to defend their Super Bowl title. My Father living in little Monticello, Indiana was about to do something that changed our lives forever, he bought a spa. Growing up my father always heard of how his parents wanted a spa but life always found a way to stop them. My Opa ( Grandpa in german) worked for a Big Box home improvement store called Sutherlands. He was a Manager for them and part of his job was often to move and set up new stores. So as life would have it every time my grandparents were ready for their spa they had to move.

So what had made 1998 different?

My Opa had retired from Sutherlands and together my grandparents bought my Oma’s family farm in Monticello. So there my Dad found himself in the local dealer’s showroom. At the time there was a Royal Spa dealer located right off main street. We learned all about Royal Spa and how they were founded by two Purdue Grads and manufactured in the state. Finding the one which was perfect for my grandparents.

In late January of 1999 the local dealer closed its doors and we had nowhere to go besides Indianapolis. When dad went down to Indianapolis and expressed his interest in helping get a dealer back in Monticello the fun began. In March of 1999 my Father opened his 3 tub showroom in my grandparents pole barn. In 2001 we expanded to Merrillville, IN opening its doors in August. We then came to Lafayette in 2004 and proudly have been here at 140 Frontage Road since. With over 20 years of experience we can’t wait to help you live every day better.


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